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Letra de  GIRLS de Beastie Boys
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Beastie Boys

Girls - all i really want is girls
and in the morning it's girls
cause in the evening it's girls
I like the way that they walk
and it's chill to hear them talk
and i can always make them smile
from white castle to the nile
Back in the day
there was this girl around the way
she liked by home-piece m.c.a.
he said he would not give her play
i asked him, "please?" - he said, "you may."
her pants were tight and that's ok
if she would dance - i would d.j.
we took a walk down to the bay
I hope she'll say, "hey me and you should hit the hay!"
i asked her out - she said, "no way!"
i should have probably guessed her gay
so i broke north with no delay
i heard she moved real far away
that was two years ago this may
i seen her just the other day
jockin' mike d. to my dismay
Girls - to do the dishes
girls - to clean up my room
girls - to do the laundry
girls - and in the bathroom
girls - that's all i really want is girls
two at a time - i want girls
with new wave hairdos - i want girls
i ought to whip out my - girls, girls, girls, girls, girls!

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